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Outsourcing BPO Order Acceptance

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Our clients are convinced to outsource their complete order acceptance process to us because of increased success rate. This increases their volume of orders and eventually their revenue from BPOs. We have seen customers doing just 20-40 orders per month have increased their volume to 250-300 per month in a period of 4 to 6 months time.

How does it work?

Offshore BPO assigns dedicated team to maintain your BPO inbox 24/7 including all federal holidays and accept orders from companies like Clear Capital, Core Logic, Single Source, BPO Fulfillment​, RRreview, Proteck,eMortgage, Computershare​ and many more companies.

Biggest advantage :

We will sign you up with all the top bpo vendors and make them into active performing bpo accounts.

Our forte is in completion of orders on time with right quality. Many customers witness their orders to grow without compromising quality through us. Do feel free to contact us ​if you need any samples of our work and we can do few BPOs at free of cost so you can test our quality of work.

About us:

Offshore BPO has a capacity to handle ​2​000+ orders per day from 100s of clients. We work with BPO companies and seek more orders to be assigned to our clients. We have proved many times to clients about our order completion capacity. We have teams working almost non-stop and you have access to us over phone or email any time of the day. We have offices in two locations to mitigate any natural or man made disasters.

Offshore BPO is owned by Move Offshore which is a ISO 9001-2015 certified company since 2005.

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