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How to Increase Your Broker Price Opinion Volume Quickly

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If you have a real estate license and want to provide broker price opinions, you must know how to quickly capture your audience and increase your volume.

The real estate industry is volatile and cutthroat, so chances are you aren’t the only one in your area offering such services. So how do you stand out and get the lion’s share of the business?

Not only must you provide top-notch services, but you must show your expertise. You need to stand out, showing that you’re the expert in the industry that companies need when outsourcing their valuation services.

Here are six ways to do just that.

Show Your Expertise

You must showcase your expertise if you want people to choose you for their BPO. Share success stories, credentials, and other information that would entice clients. Give them reasons to choose you for their BPO services.

Trusting someone else with the BPO is a big decision that can be risky if it doesn’t go according to plan. You must provide accurate information that companies can use to effectively get new business, and you’ll keep growing your business.

Show Your Local Market Knowledge

The more you know about the area, the easier you can provide accurate BPOs and other relevant information. Let your audience know your experience in the area and what you can offer them when providing BPOs to help them sell the property faster.

Ensure Compliance

The real estate industry has regulatory requirements that change often. Staying on top of these regulations can be difficult for real estate agents trying to juggle multiple tasks, but showing you are on top of the compliance requirements gives agents and other companies needing your services peace of mind.

Deliver BPOs Quickly and Efficiently

The reason many companies outsource BPOs is that they don’t have the time to handle them efficiently. Showing that you offer these services quickly but in a high-quality manner ensures you’ll get a higher volume.

Get Good Reviews

The best way to get good reviews is to provide exemplary service. This includes timely revisions and great customer service. Show your clients you will go above and beyond to meet their needs.

If you have a lot of revisions, get to the root of the problem and change your services so you don’t have to waste time on revisions and instead can focus on new business. You’ll get more business by having great reviews.

Final Thoughts

A BPO service must be timely, respectful, and high-quality like any business that wants to compete in a highly competitive industry. You must advertise your business but have the evidence to support why you’re the best choice for their business.

Start small, and get reviews. Showcase your success stories, showing companies why you are the person for the job, providing accurate values, and reducing the risk of a transaction going wrong. With practice, you can become the leading BPO service in your area.

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