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How to Do a Comparative Market Analysis?

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A Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) is a vital tool for real estate professionals and homeowners looking to determine the value of a property. It helps set the right price when selling a property. It also aids informed decisions when buying one.

Here’s how to do a CMA effectively:

Gather Property Data

Collect information about the property you’re analyzing, including its size, location, age, and unique features.

Select Comparable Properties

Identify recently sold properties (comps) in the same neighborhood or vicinity. These should be similar in size, age, condition, and features to the subject property.

Adjust for Differences

Analyze the comps and make adjustments for variations from the subject property. For example, if a comp has an extra bedroom, adjust the price accordingly.

Calculate Price per Square Foot

Determine the price per square foot for each comp. Divide the sale price by the property’s square footage.

Analyze Market Trends

Consider market conditions, such as supply and demand, interest rates, and economic factors that may influence property prices.

Determine the Property’s Value

Based on the adjusted prices of the comps and market trends, estimate the value of the subject property.

Finalize the CMA Report

Compile your findings into a CMA report, including detailed information on the comps, adjustments made, and your estimated property value.

Performing a thorough CMA helps ensure that you’re pricing or offering at a competitive and fair market value.

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